Many factors contribute to the value of your home, but did you know a lot of simple changes (many you can DIY!) can actually increase the value? Here are a few improvements that can be made around the house that will not only improve your home’s look but will also add value.


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An often overlooked home feature, landscaping is actually a great way to increase home value. According to HomeGain’s survey of 2,000 real estate agents a $400-$500 investment in landscaping can return about 300% of the initial investment. It’s an easy, eye-catching feature that improves the character of your home and gives you a great return on investment.

Build a deck

Use a deck to make the most of your backyard. A carefully proportioned and designed deck can yield a 76 percent return on investment. Once you decide to build a deck, the next step is to determine the materials you’ll need. From cedar to aluminum, the materials are endless. Thorough research will ensure you choose the best materials to match your taste, maintenance level and budget.


Lighting is a minor change that can have a major impact on home value. Once again, research is imperative in determining which type of lighting suits your needs. Dimmers, skylights and suntubes will improve a room’s ambience as well as the home’s monetary value.

Dimmers allow for versatility in lighting to create a mood at any time.

Skylights evoke emotions of closeness by sun and moonlight. Skylights also add a unique, striking feature to a room which can add value.

Suntubes, as opposed to skylights, have a more discreet look that can add discernable natural light to a room without becoming an unwanted eyesore.

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a home—and yes, size really does matter! Open floor plans are a hot commodity in the real estate market and removing a wall or island from your kitchen will open the space and increase flow of your home’s floorplan. Adding stainless steel or slate fixtures and appliances will bring a rich and elegant look to the kitchen. New kitchen lighting can also have a dramatic effect.


Paint plays a subtle yet critical role in the first impression of a house or room. Adding a fresh coat of paint breathes life back into any room. Not to mention, it is such an easy fix! Paint the interior, exterior, and even the

Many factors affect the value of your home. You might want to try out the home worth estimator on to see how your home stacks up and see where you can add value today.

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