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It’s almost back to school season! That means many parents are scrambling to get their children ready for school; some are even moving in order to get their children into better schools. One of the best areas in Orange County for schools is Windermere, which is just west of Downtown Orlando.

Windermere is known for beautiful homes and communities and it’s home to some of the most highly-rated schools in Orange County. If you are currently looking to buy a new home in an area that gives you access to amazing schools, Windermere is the place to look at!

This community is full of ‘A’ schools. What does that mean? It means these schools performed well enough in a state-wide test to earn an ‘A’ rating. Schools change grades every year, so a bad performing school can turn its grade around in a year or two. Windermere, however, has always had well-performing schools!

If your children are attending elementary school, you’ll be glad to know that the elementary schools in the area are highly-rated. For 2014, Windermere Elementary School had an ‘A’ grade from the state. Lake Whitney Elementary School, Keene’s Crossing Elementary School, and Sunset Park Elementary School are also ‘A’ schools!

The middle schools in Windermere are also quality schools.  Gotha Middle School has been an ‘A’ school for more than three years and Chain of Lakes Middle School rose from a ‘B’ school to an ‘A’ school in 2014.

Lastly, there are some great high schools in Windermere. Olympia High School has been an ‘A’ school for the last three years, so your high schooler will be getting a quality education. A neighboring high school, West Orange High School, also has garnered quality ratings!

No matter where in Windermere you settle, your children will be able to get a quality education at every step of their education. On top great schools, you’ll be a part of a great community!

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