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Image courtesy of Zillow

It’s Fourth of July weekend! A time to celebrate America with fireworks, barbecue, and family!  We thought it’s only fitting to pay homage to the great US of A by taking a look at Colonial style architecture– one of the most popular styles of homes in the United States.

This architecture style, heavy with European influences, developed from US Colonial period in the 1700s. Characteristics of colonial homes include:

  • Mostly in New England and the Southern US
  • Square and symmetrical
  • A door is placed in the middle of the home’s façade
  • Two windows on either side of the front door, with five windows on the second floor
  • Paired chimneys
  • Pitched roof
  • Stairway behind entry door

The styles between the North and the South also took on their own distinctions. In the South, for example, the heat of the summer months required more ventilation. Builders raised the ceilings to improve air circulation.

While Orlando may not be rich in Colonial homes, there are several neighborhoods that draw inspiration from the Colonial style. Head to Avalon Park or Baldwin Park for new build communities inspired by the past. With pedestrian-friendly designs, easily accessible nature trails, numerous shopping and dining options, these communities feel like villages rather than modern complexes.

But Orlando isn’t only new builds and modern complexes! There are several Colonial Revival homes on the city’s Local Landmarks list:

  • Mizell Cemetery Leu House- Originally a farmhouse, the building has undergone several renovations including the addition of Colonial Revival trim to the exterior.
  • Judge Cheney House – Built in 1904, this Colonial Revival home is believed to be one of the first homes in Orlando wired for electricity.
  • Eastin House – While this bungalow is actually a combination of many architecture styles, its unique design still pulls inspiration from early Colonial homes. Built in 1926, this house was shown in the movie “Parenthood.”

If you are up for an architecture scavenger hunt, we recommend a drive around Winter Park, Park Lake, or even the Mills/50 neighborhood.

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