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11 N. Summerlin Ave
Orlando FL, 32801

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After having a variety of wonderful jobs in my life, I finally settled into Residential Real Estate Sales as my career. Working with people looking for their first home is such a joy! It is important to me to show them all possible options in the quest to make sure they find their dream, or as close as possible to it. 

When it is time to make a move into a larger or smaller property, that brings its own challenges. My job is to make the process of selling the current home and buying something new go as smoothly as possible. 

After 10+ years in the real estate business in Central Florida, I have worked in Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties as well as the Brevard County area. Looking at homes is still as enjoyable to me as the first day I started. My family is here and I grew up here from the time I was in middle schools so I know the area pretty well. 

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